16th Scouts win Rampage 2016


Rampage is an annual County competition for the Scout Section that has been running since 1992 at Drum  Hill Scout Camp. Twenty-four teams of six Scouts compete over eight different challenges and activities including climbing/abseiling, map reading, air rifle  shooting, fire lighting, a blind fold challenge, a mental challenge, grass skis and a treasure hunt to score points; with the winner being the team that scores the highest total.

This year’s competition was won by the team from the 16th Ilkeston (St. John’s) Scout Group., who are the first Ilkeston Troop to be crown Rampage Champions.

The team members included John Wildey, Jack Barker, Oscar Blair, Robson Hazard, Josh Lebeter and Joe
Atkins who are pictured being presented the trophy by Sir  Richard FitzHerbert (County President), also on the photo is the County Commissioner, James Stafford.